Camp Medical Form

The Camp Medical Form is only required to bring to check-in if the player will need to take any medications while at camp. All medications are to be labeled clearly with their name and with instructions on how often and how much to be administered. Please bring medications to check-in in a zip loc bag labeled with the player's name. At check-in, please let the person checking you in know that you have the Medical Form and Medication and they will direct you to our on-site trainer to speak with and to give these too. If the player uses an inhaler, even if only for in an emergency, please complete the form, and bring the inhaler labeled in a zip loc bag. You can authorize on the form for the player to be permitted to keep the inhaler in their bag, but please make sure it is labeled, in a zip loc bag, and the Camp Medical Form will need to still be handed in at check-in.


In addition, the Camp Medical Form can also be used to note if the player has any allergies, including food allergies, or special diet that the trainer should be made aware of. At check-in, the player can meet with the trainer and request to meet with the dining hall chef to go over their food allergies or special diet.


Please do not mail, fax, or email these forms in advance. The Camp Medical Form is attached to your confirmation email, or you can print it from below.


The Waiver & Release Form is completed electronically during your online registration, it does not need to be printed or brought in with you.