Our Philosophy

We believe that rising youth soccer players looking to play US College Soccer should be able to attend a camp that gives them the chance to be seen by many Top US College Coaches from around the country, all at one camp. Players attend many tournaments, with thousands of participants, hoping they are seen by the college they are interested in or be noticed by any college at all. College Coaches attend these large tournaments but usually already know who they are going to to watch, and many players can be overlooked and not seen at all because the coaches can't possibly watch every player and every game. US College Soccer ID Camps guarantees that the college coaching staff that have committed to attending our camps will have the freedom to work and train with the players and watch all the evening games. With a much smaller amount of players to watch, coaches can truly focus on finding a player for their team, that they may have never seen at a tournament. In addition, we hire additional local club coaches to coach the evening games so that the college coaches are free to watch the games.


Our college coaches have now been coming back to our camp year after year, and they come back because they think the format and structure of our camp help them easily identify players and they appreciate how organized our camp is ran, and how enjoyable it is for both the coaches and players that attend.